Kamis, 26 September 2013

Art Licensing Resource: New Book about Art Licensing by Artist and Agent Ronnie Walter

Licensed artist and licensing agent Ronni Walter of Two Town Studios has released a book about her story in learning to be an artist and licensing her work for products. "License to Draw" not only describes hilarious accounts that took place during her journey but also provides a lot of information about licensing including protecting your work, getting clients, and exhibiting at licensing trade shows. Her book can be purchased as a paperback book or a Kindle e-book on amazon.com.

Note: A GREAT introduction to the book is the video "Ronnie Walter, artist, writer and smart alec" on "Smart Creative Women with Monica lee". Ronnie discussed such things as there is no cookbook method to licensing art, how people now shop and its impact on art licensing, and how you need to create art by thinking about the product before creating the art.

The video and book are a MUST view/ read for those new to art licensing. And, even seasoned licensed artists will get some important reminders and may even some new information about the industry.

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